Monday, December 20, 2010

Trice Looming!

Time, these days, is so precious to all of us! Even I am looking at ways to create the same level of quality looming within a shorter amount of precious time! I want to share a technique I have been perfecting for a while, "Trice Looming"! This method allows you to 'loom & edge' at the 'same time'! Below are the steps in pictures.

String your loom as you would start any new looming project, warping one thread more then the number of loomed beads wide. Now string on a good number of edging beads, usually something round, not tubular like a Delica. This type of bead lays much nicer for this simple line edge. You will want to thread 5 or so more number of beads than the rows you plan to loom. These can be added after the initial warps are strung or string the beads first and warp the loom with the two extra warps stacked with beads.

Attach your weft to the outside warp of your looming row, not the same thread holding your edging beads. Loom the first row as if the two outside warps with beads are not there!

Just after exiting this row, slide an edge bead up and run your needle inside, towards you.

Now add the next number of beads needed to loom the next row, in this case there are ten beads creating this narrow banding.

Before turning your needle upwards and running it back inside the same row of beads, above the warps (the usual looming methods), pick up another edge bead from the other side.

Now you can continue the usual looming technique of going back through the row of beads, keeping your needle above the warps.

When you exit on the starting side, pick up another edge bead, just as you did in the first step described. Continue looming these steps until you reach the desired length of looming you need.

This Trice Looming Style, creates a simple edge with the edge beads sitting on their sides. This also finishes the looming to a classic look, no holes or threads showing!

I have many other variations of this same method, creating edges much more intricate then this simple line. Those will be shared in my book! In the meantime, you can experiment with adding more or less beads and additional warps full of beads! If you plan on creating a scalloped type edge, you'll need to keep those warps free for movement as the warp threads will be used up or longer, than what you attach to the loom.

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judyb said...

I love this idea. Would be great for bracelets, rather than doing the separate picot edge as I usually do