Saturday, December 11, 2010

Social Market for a Mirrix

I had hoped to get a mid-week video posted but suddenly it was Saturday and no extra video. Not quite sure where the week went.

In the ramp up to the holidays, there hasn't been much time to spend in the studio so the weaving is coming along slowly. But I'm loving these colors. And so far I'm happy with the raggedness of the green area. I'm being careful that the weaving doesn't become too linear and symmetrical. The darker splotches you see on the pattern will be done in the darker purple Tahki Cotton Yarn.

One of the things you have to be careful of when you first start weaving is not to pull the weft too tight otherwise the sides of the weaving won't be straight. I usually measure the width of the weaving after every inch to make sure everything is okay. As you can see, the warp threads are still evenly spaced. If you see that warp threads are starting to pull together, you can use a bobbin to space them out again if you catch the problem early in the weaving. Using heddles and the shedding device also helps keep the weaving even. Right now I'm weaving with a combination of needles and butterflies instead of stick shuttles or bobbins.

I'll be working at the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market's Pop-up Shop next weekend. We've received some really amazing textile work from India and I'm hoping there are some weavings waiting to be unpacked. If I come across any, I'll share pics on the blog next week.

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