Saturday, December 18, 2010

Social Market for a Mirrix

Here's a close-up shot so you can see how the warp interlock technique looks.

I've been working at the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market's Pop-Up Shop this past week so time in the studio has been non-existent so I don't really have anything new to show today. And unfortunately, other than a few hours on Sunday, I won't really be back to a regular studio schedule until December 28th because of the holidays.

Since I don't have much of my own work to show right now, I want to introduce you to the weavings / embroideries created by members of Artesanias WARI URPI (Macedonio Eduardo Palomino Torres and Luzmila Huarancca Gutierrez0 from Peru.

These colorful representations of the flora and fauna of Peru are just a sampling of the beautiful textiles being sold in the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market's Pop-Up Shop this weekend. These works reflect the traditional embroidery of the WARI-URPI's ancestors and can be traced back to the 8th century B.C. Worn daily by the WARI women of the Huanta-Ayacucho region, woven and embroidered shawls called"llicllac" are frequently used to carry children, crops, or wood. Special garments are also woven and embroidered specifically to be worn during the feast of the Virgin of Cocharcas.

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