Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Lotus SLN

I want to share some final pictures of this Split Loomed Necklace, completed last week. There has been many photos of my process, included in this Blog, but now I can say it is DONE!

The front and center petal didn't prove to be a 'given', for how it was placed. I tried out various looks before deciding on this one. I also added a Swarovski Crystal in the center, as an accent.

I guess we don't usually share the back of our work, but I want to show how clean and light this one worked out. My methods allow for an easy finish, as well as a clean one. I included my initials and took great care to attach each petal in a way that would make the back show just loomed beads!

This Lotus Necklace is so comfortable to wear. I am anxious to string up my Mirrix for the next SLN!! As I mentioned earlier, the Mirrix allows for some awesome techniques to be included. The cut work, you see in each of the straps, are simple to complete and I look forward to creating another with more of them included. This was also my submission to this year's Bead Dreams Contest. It was a pleasure sharing the process with everyone!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

On Quality Supplies

Today I was doing some cutting and gluing on a project unrelated to Mirrix. Now, it should be noted that I'm spoiled with a few pairs of very nice scissors at home (speaking of, if you are in need of some nice scissors for weaving... these are the best

...but the scissors I was using were driving my crazy! They couldn't make clean lines and it was hard to turn them... and the result was a less-than-ideal cutting job and a less-than-perfect project.

It made me think about something I've done a lot of thinking about: Good art supplies are really, really important when you want good results.

I'll let you make the Mirrix connection on your own :-)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Headband Project, Part 3 ...And why you can weave anywhere

Mirrix Looms are incredibly versatile in many ways, one being their ability to be functional anywhere. Sure, they work great on a stand or on a table, but they also work great leaning against a pillow in your lap on the couch. Sure, not the ideal situation (is weaving in front of the TV sacrilege?) but I like to make the most out of my down time... and Dancing With The Stars is my secret weakness.

If you're lucky enough to get your Ideal Weaving Situation (picture: Studio overlooking rolling hills and horses at pasture, no crying children, no whining significant others, endless time) then I tip my hat to you, but sometimes weaving time is stollen at the DMV, on the playroom floor, at a youth soccer game, wherever there's a little bit of space... and that's just as good. The fantastic thing about weaving (and on a portable Mirrix especially) is you can stop and start at virtually any point so any distraction (though still distracting you from the creative process) can be dealt with gracefully.

Anyway, here's some more on the headband.

Progress on the weaving soon-to-be-headband:

The soon-to-be headband, note that I have advanced the warp once already and will again before it is finished.