Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Lotus SLN

I want to share some final pictures of this Split Loomed Necklace, completed last week. There has been many photos of my process, included in this Blog, but now I can say it is DONE!

The front and center petal didn't prove to be a 'given', for how it was placed. I tried out various looks before deciding on this one. I also added a Swarovski Crystal in the center, as an accent.

I guess we don't usually share the back of our work, but I want to show how clean and light this one worked out. My methods allow for an easy finish, as well as a clean one. I included my initials and took great care to attach each petal in a way that would make the back show just loomed beads!

This Lotus Necklace is so comfortable to wear. I am anxious to string up my Mirrix for the next SLN!! As I mentioned earlier, the Mirrix allows for some awesome techniques to be included. The cut work, you see in each of the straps, are simple to complete and I look forward to creating another with more of them included. This was also my submission to this year's Bead Dreams Contest. It was a pleasure sharing the process with everyone!

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The-Unknown-Weaver said...

This is just awesome. Nice, nice work.