Monday, August 6, 2012

Practice makes (almost) perfect

I have made a lot of progress since my last blog post. I finished joining the two panels, and made a start on weaving in the warps along the top edges - I'm more than half done on one of them. The joining was a little slow going. I made a few mistakes, one of which couldn't be undone. It can be seen if you look closely enough, but It will likely be covered up by the fringe.


I went to the local haberdashery on Saturday to buy the lining and zip. I went to the shop with the purse so I could pick the right colour. I tried it on black, cream and white. The black won out in the end. I had to buy a larger zip to get the one I wanted. But I think (hope) I'll be able to work with it! I'll try and do a video on sewing the lining. I'm not very good with sewing (read dislike) but will give it a go. Let's hope I don't regret it :)

I have made a start on the violin - decorating it. I sanded most of it down to get rid of the smooth varnished finish. The colour scheme for the side strip will use the colours in the Ugandan flag (my country of origin) - black, yellow and red. Here is the one motif I have so far designed.

The plan is to stitch the loomed strip to ultra suede and glue that to the woodwork. I have a design in mind for the back. Again based on the culture of Uganda. I still have to measure and design for it, so shall leave that for now. I think it would be good to include the crested crane, perhaps at the front. But there is something else (related to the design for the back) that I want on the violin. I'll have to see if I can squeeze everything in! In the meantime I have made a start on 'beading' the violin. The method of putting the beads on neat a time is very slow going. So it could take a while to get all the way round!


Tomorrow is another day! Happy beading and sleep well.

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