Thursday, June 14, 2012

Which would you choose?

It seems a habit to collect more patterns than I can bead. I like this one. Oh but wait, what about that one in those colours? Hmm I can't do that one, I don't have the colours to hand. This seems a habit on occasion! And it's reared its' head again. There are two projects that I would really like to loom on the Mirrix. The problem is which one to get on there first! Both are very important and close to my heart.

First is a black & white portrait of my Husbands' late parents. This is LONG overdue (thank you for being patient Husband!). I first planned to loom two portraits and have them in a spinning frame. Then I remembered a great photo of them together, that would work even better. I graphed it sometime last year - is it really that long?? - and I'm ashamed to say its not been loomed yet.

The other is a large purse of two wedding photos - my parents on one side and my late maternal grandparents on the other. Yes you read that right :) The idea came to me when I graphed the photo of my parents. I didn't want anything plain the other side, so first tried a photo of my late grandmother. Then I remembered seeing their wedding photo in a memorial booklet! Perfect! I think my mum would really love it. By the way it's a surprise! She'll only find out about it when I give it to her :)

So you see the problem I have. Now, if I stopped procrastinating and cleared my large loom I could actually work on the at the same time....I think that may be the best course of action. Most of the colours in each one are the same so I'd order them all together.

I think I'll start buying them slowly while I finish off what's on the large loom. Then I can start on them. Now, you can help me by deciding which one should go on the Mirrix. The portrait is 152 wide and the purse 152 wide! The loom should be able to hold 162 warps. So, please take a vote and help me decide :) In the meantime I've warped for another tapestry weaving attempt. This is wider. Hopefully I can actually use it.

On that note I bid you a good night. The looming dreams have gone down a lot now :oD


Noreen Crone-Findlay said...

Oh, Brenda, they are all too gorgeous for words!
You do know that you can weave on both sides of your loom, so why not have at least 2 of them going at once?
But, choosing which one.... well, that's hard!
They are going to be spectacular!

Brenda K said...

You've gone and done it now Noreen!! I'll look into that as it would be perfect!!!!

And thank you :) I just hope they look as good in real life :)

Susan said...

We agree with Noreen! One on each side of the loom means you only have to warp the loom once! YAY!!!We can't wait to see this done. The photos are lovely. Good Luck our friend!

Brenda K said...

Thank you Susan :)