Friday, June 22, 2012

How to weave Leno Lace on the Mirrix loom

I am fascinated by exploring all  the different things that I can do with Mirrix looms.
While I am involved in this four month long co-creation with Mirrix looms, I am going to be  looking at what I can and can't do with the Mirrix looms.
  (Guess what I am NO GOOD at? Bead weaving on the Mirrix!
Yep. All my bead weaving has been off loom and I am TERRIBLE at bead weaving on the loom. 
That one came as a surprise...  ah well... we shall see if that changes! )
In my previous blog post, LINK, I showed how I set up my Lani Mirrix loom, using the 'No Warp Ends' warping technique. 

copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay
There are several advantages in setting up your Mirrix loom for the 'No Warp Ends' technique:
It allows you to sample different weaving techniques quickly and efficiently.
You won't waste time OR yarn when using the 'No Warp Ends' technique.
I love that!
Because the 'No Warp Ends' warping technique precludes using a shedding device, it is perfect for weaving techniques that are hand manipulated, like: LENO lace! Yay!
I think that Leno lace is the bee's knees. 
It's kind of a miniature version of the ancient technique of twisting fibers, called, Sprang.

You do this nifty twist thing, and tadah! You get a  bonus free row that is cheerfully waiting for you, gratis! Whee!
copyright Noreen Crone-Findlay
Leno can seem a little challenging at first, so I figured that a video  tutorial is a good idea.
Here it is:

Happy Weaving!

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