Saturday, January 8, 2011

Social Market for a Mirrix

I’m still working on the sampler demonstrating how different yarns look in a weaving. This little guy is 4 inches tall right now. Starting at the bottom, here’s what I’ve used so far… black #5 pearl cotton embroidery thread, a thin multi-colored chenille, a very thin boucle with a silver metallic thread running through it, a thin multi-colored boucle, a purple eyelash yarn, and a medium boucle.

Pearl cotton embroidery thread is always a dream to work with and it comes in 300+ colors so it’s one of my favorites. I use both DMC and Anchor. I also love the look and feel of chenille but it’s been my experience in the past that using chenille over large areas can be problematic because it sheds and you can sometimes end up with bald sections. But because I was weaving a small area, I didn’t have that problem this time. The eyelash yarn is interesting but I don’t think it will hold up well in wearable items like a tapestry cuff. And there are so many types of boucles that it really just depends on the fibers as to whether it weaves well or not. Ones with fuzzier fibers tend to be more difficult.

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