Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Social Market for a Mirrix

I received a request on my blog to create a piece using a variety of threads and a finer weave but with no beads. So, here goes.

I warped the loom using the 12-dent coil with a warp thread through each dent and I’m weaving with #5 DMC Pearl Cotton embroidery thread and mixed fibers from Ancient Earth Echoes. The piece is only 1 ½ inches wide. Once this piece is finished, it could be used as a bracelet but I will probably use it in a collage at some point.

The Ancient Earth Echoes fibers are bundles of disparate yarns in defined colorways that were marketed by Maria Teresa Stoa of Ramah, NM. I used to buy them from but Barb no longer appears to be carrying the line. Fortunately I stocked up on them in various colors when they were available. They’re perfect for projects like this since each bundle was made up of short lengths of a variety of art yarns. The hunt is on for a new source.

I’m still contemplating how I’m going to embellish the last piece I finished. It definitely needs a little “something” but nothing I’ve tried feels quite right.

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