Saturday, November 27, 2010

Social Market for a Mirrix

Here’s where I’m at right now with the Southwestern landscape. There hasn’t been a lot of progress since Wednesday’s blog post due to the holiday but I’m looking forward to having some dedicated time in the studio over the next few days to get some weaving done.

I cropped and rotated one of the photos to give you an idea of what it will eventually look like when it’s finished.

Im still working out what Im going to use for the sky. One of the things I love about living in the Southwest is the sunsets but replicating those colors is always a challenge. Nothing that Ive tried so far is quite right.

And I may do the next version in 3/2 Pearl Cotton instead of my original plan. The Pearl Cotton has such a beautiful sheen to it and there are so many colors to choose from that you can create incredibly nuanced details in weavings.

There have been so many new ideas that I want to try coming up lately that Ive started keeping a journal on my work table to make notes of ideas and color combinations. There just arent enough hours in a day.

For those of you interested in seeing some truly beautiful tapestry work, take a look at the Artist Pages on the American Tapestry Alliances website.

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