Saturday, November 13, 2010

Social Market for a Mirrix

And now for Plan B. As I mentioned in the previous post, I wasn’t all that warm and fuzzy about the way the new weaving was turning out. So, I pulled out what I had done and started fresh with a new direction. This is much more what I had envisioned so I’m feeling better about the piece now.

Here’s what the beginning of the first weaving looked like before I dismantled it. Yep, that’s it… pink and lumpy.

I thought I would show you a picture of the warped loom with shedding device and heddles attached. The loom is warped with black C-Lon Fine Weight Bead Cord.

And here’s the new yarn I’m starting with. This is Maya cotton bulky yarn by Tahki Yarns in black.

And here’s where I’m at with the new piece.

The pinkish / grayish areas are sections of the Ozark Handspun from the previous piece that I’m using to randomly fill in areas. Once the piece is finished and off the loom, I will be turning it 90 degrees and embellishing with beads and maybe some found objects. I want the texture to be running vertically instead of horizontally because I think it gives the weaving more of a feeling of movement.

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