Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thank you, Christina!

Our fabulous blogger, Christina Neit, is officially finished blogging for us! Thank you, Christina, for a fantastic three months! (Don't worry, though, she still has a few more things she wants to post!)

Check out her website: http://goodquillhunting.com/

We gave her a little end-of-project survey yesterday. Here are the results!

How would you rate your overall Mirrix experience?  A++++

What did you like best about it? The quality, the size (Big Sister) and getting to know a loom all over again, but the top shelf always 'tastes' better LOL

What (if any) faults did you find in it? Nothing at all! Seriously!

What would you change about "Social Market for a Mirrix" for next time? Nothing! On top of my regular beading, getting into Galleries, custom orders, and with (Maine too short) Summer here,  you have been very very reasonable and flexible with me!!

Did you find the criteria for "Social Market for a Mirrix" to be too stringent? I was a bit worried about fulfilling my obligation (would be excellent for New England Winters) and I still feel like I owe you! 

What was your favorite piece created on the Mirrix? I think I liked my choker the best, http://goodquillhunting.com/images/Talutah.jpg , maybe because I sold it so fast or maybe because I had designed it several years ago and I brought it to a finished project. I will make another down the road.

What is your favorite thing about the Mirrix? Again, the quality!

What is your least favorite thing about the Mirrix? Figuring out how to finish off the warp threads ;)

What plans do you have for weaving on your Mirrix in the future? Dave's belt next, starting tomorrow night! Then a guitar strap, then I want to try some fiber!

Thank you SO VERY VERY much for a most amazing experience, one I have only dreamed of! It has been a wonderful experience overall and it was wonderful to meet two terrific people!!! Opportunity of a lifetime! I was, and still am, very honored to have been chosen thank you again!


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