Tuesday, July 6, 2010

One-A-Day Bracelets Update

I don't mean to be slack, beading like a crazy woman and then the holiday showed up, so I inadvertently took the weekend off from any beading.
I have finished all the loom work for the One-A-Day pieces and as of today, I just finished one cuff completely. I did it so I didn't have to weave in all the threads, and it was so much fun not to have to worry about that!
Here are all the pieces finished and on the loom:

I have some nice thin leather (actually a recycled pair of leather pants) and I cut it out to fit my loom work, plus some length for the snaps. I put on my top snap and then I glued the end threads down, then snipped them off. Then I periodically added glue to hold the piece onto the leather. O took a needle and thread and started doing a 'whip stitch', every other space all the way down both sides to adhere the beadwork to the cuff. Then while I still had thread on, I decided to give this piece a picot edging, so went down both sides for that. Then I added the snap on the other side, rounded the leather edges and I was all done. I am very happy with the results and equally as happy to not have to weave all those ends in ;) Here is the finished result.

I now have to finish those up, and the horse brow band for my daughter, then it looks like a guitar strap will be born...and maybe a belt after that.

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3 Peeps Designs said...

Gorgeous! What a great idea putting the loomed pieces onto a leather strap.