Thursday, July 29, 2010

Helpful Tension Options

I have completed further rows, based on my design for a split loomed necklace.

Looming 92 rows wide can be a real challenge. Many looms keep your tension secure and looming long rows of beads can be uncomfortable to loom. However, using the Mirrix can make a wide bead looming that much easier and more enjoyable.

The wing nuts, on each side of the loom, are able to be spun, releasing the warp tension, or visa versa. For this looming, I am able to loosen the warps so my hand can grab the entire looming making it easier for me to run my needle back through the rows. Once I finish a row, I can tighten the warp tension.

Lately, I have been watching other loom artists create some huge portraits, by looming wall hangings. If they would see how comfortable it is to use a Mirrix and have the availability to loosen the tension, they too would be interested! It makes everything much nicer!

The picture I am looming, may not be readable right now, but once I include some other beading techniques, 3D, Bead Tole and edging, it will all fall into place. I'll post pictures as I complete more of the SLN!

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