Friday, April 2, 2010

So much going on!

You should see my list of Mirrix to-dos. It contains everything from "work on new website" to "buy new boxes for kits". We're doing an overhaul here at Mirrix and everything is going to get bigger and better! Our newest undertaking is creating kits. Lots and lots of kits. Bead kits and tapestry kits that will be made for three different levels of weavers. We'll have "easy" kits for beginners, "intermediate" kits for those with a bit more experience and "expert" kits that will be a bit more complicated. We will color code the kits and are buying cute boxes to make the whole package as fun to look at as it is to use! 

Would you buy a Mirrix Kit? 

At this very minute, Claudia Chase (Mirrix President) is weaving an inkle band on [one of] her Mirrix Loom[s]! This is a whole new way to use a Mirrix!

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Karen said...

I think kits are a great idea. It allows someone to get a taste of working in a new medium without spending time running around town trying to find all the items on the supply list. Also, for those who like to copy projects exactly, there's no guesswork.