Sunday, April 25, 2010

Little Shortcut for that first pesky row of beads

This weekend I warped my 22 inch loom with a 10 inch wide piece for beading. I have really missed having a larger beading piece, missed the way the beads click into place, how I get to see the design take shape.

Usually the first row or two of these larger pieces are tough. The warp threads have not yet been perfectly spaced and there is nothing to push down onto. This time even the first row was easy. I have a little trick I use. The first row always needs to be sewn in, as if there was no shedding device. When I tie on the first weft thread, I leave a LONG tail, on this piece, since it is 10 inches wide, the tail is about 16 inches long. I thread the longer end on my regular beading needle and start placing my first 20-40 beads, but at the same time, I put another, shorter beading needle on the other end, and follow the beads with the tail of the thread. Now the beads stay where they are supposed to be while I weave in more beads. I do about 20-40 beads at a time until I get across the whole piece. This holds the beads better immediately, while making less ends to weave in. I no longer have to thread up an additional thread just to sew in the first row. I am not sure this is that new, but I think I unvented it, and it makes my life easier, so I thought I would share.

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