Thursday, April 22, 2010

Plugging Away

Good morning all you Mirrix lovers!

I have been working like crazy on the split loom piece. Because I have made one before, I have not run into any snags, which is terrific! I love being able to occasionally tighten my warp threads, it is so easy with a twist on each side to just give it some better tension. SOO easy! I have had many many questions asked of me about the loom on Facebook. One lady asked me if looming is easier or harder than bead weaving. I have to answer that is about the same, the techniques are just different. I think because of the warp threads, people are intimidated, understandably! Warping the loom is super easy! I believe to have a full and well rounded repertoire in beading, all beaders should have a loom and particularly, a Mirrix!

On to the fun stuff! I took lots of photos yesterday, and will today too, of my progress. I am having so much fun I did not want to go to bed last night!

I hope you are enjoying watching the progress as much as I am having fun doing this ;)

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