Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Challenge: Pick Up That Loom

This week has been a hectic one for me. Between a mini ski (snowboard) vacation, work and a house guest, my husband and I have been struggling to stay on top of things. The laundry is beginning to pile up and so is the work.

As I frantically got ready this morning, digging in the pile of clothes that has grown since Sunday, I spotted my looms that have been relegated to the back of the closet to make space in our oh-so-teeny apartment. I looked at them longingly. I have an idea for a mixed-media project that I've been dying to start but just haven't had the time.

It occurred to me in that moment that perhaps I needed to make some time. We all have a finite amount of time in our days and it's easy to take those fun things (like weaving or curling up with a novel) and push them aside to make time for everything else in our busy lives.

This weekend, between cleaning the house and working and driving around the city doing errands, I am going to make time to sit and weave and only think about that.

Have you been too busy to take your Mirrix out of the box? Are you letting it sit in the corner waiting for a less busy day? Have you been meaning to finish that beautiful weaving but just haven't had the chance? This weekend, I challenge you to take a few minutes for yourself and let the creativity flow. I'll be right there with you.

Photo by Jonathan Webb

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