Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A mishmash, hodgepodge, potpourri, mélange, or as they said in the 60s, a mixed bag

With temperatures around 102 or above, we’re moving kind of slow around here. Presently, even the humidity is low. So, explain to me why the pollen count for fungus is so high. As I’ve mentioned before, allergies have not been my friend this year, and I can’t remember the last time I have had allergy problems. So the to-do list went by the wayside, and tasks that don’t require a brain were worked on today. I’ll have to drag out the list another day, since the temps will continue at their current status quo for the next week or so. Oh, well…


Exhibit of Moroccan rugs

"Beautiful isn't exactly the word for these things; I'm not sure what is. Some of them are garish and weird, though their exuberance is irresistible."

I have been interested in electronic textiles, but more with LED lights than other more interesting possibilities. Below are a few links about electronic textiles. I’m not sure about fibers that hear and sing, like the one pictured below. Link is here. image

And then there’s Talk to my Shirt

More electronic textiles via Lynne Bruning, the textile enchantress.

I’m not exactly sure I remember the sequence of the following, but they seem to have a pattern. First is an installation from a gallery in SoHo.

image Polly Apfelbaum, "Ice" - dyed velvet at D'Amelio Terras
525 W22th St. Apr 25-June 6 '98

Then there’s the YouTube video of Polly Apfelbaum installing her exhibition and here is her website.

Then there is this from Hand Eye magazine about art that lasts just a moment.

imageCourtesy of Birgitta de Vos

Buddhist monks have highly sophisticated sand mandalas and Indian women have kolam.

And all of the above bring to mind the beautiful sand painting that Native Americans do. Below is from Wikepedia.

image Navajo sandpainting, photogravure by Edward S. Curtis, 1907, Library of Congress

Old Postcard

Postcard showing creation of large Sandpainting

And for just zany appeal:

This from Tracy Zeller Designs. If you really want to see these chairs in all their glory, go to here site. Pictures are larger, and the close-up is bigger.

imageLooks like one could get a massage sitting in this chair!image According to Newsweek, we have a creativity crisis. Have they seen this chair?

And then we have A Year of Dressing from the Land.

image Rebecca wearing sweater dyed with coffeeberry holding her handspun naturally dyed yarns. Photos courtesy of Paige Green.

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