Friday, August 20, 2010

"The Heart Project"

As some of you may know, Mirrix is a family business. I (Elena, Marketing Director) am Claudia (founder, CEO)'s daughter. Claudia (also known as mom) began weaving tapestry in 1984 when she was pregnant with me and needed an outlet that didn't include ice cream and pickles. Ever since I can remember, mom wove. Our living room was always crammed with floor looms and baskets of yarn. It seemed normal, at the time. I remember once at a friend's house we came across a skien of yarn. I scoffed at the quality. I was probably 7. Anyway, another result of my mother's weaving was the art that adorned our house. It could be split into three categories: 1) Paintings and drawings done by my aunt Polly. 2) Framed prints of (what I then thought were) weird things like an abstract naked woman that I was horribly embarrassed by 3) Weavings. Lots of weavings. The picture above is a heart (see now we're getting to the point) that Claudia made eons ago. It has been in my bedroom (actually, now it is in the living room) since I was born, dragged from house to house (we moved a lot) like my old stuffed lion (Ly). This weaving has become a part of me. Seriously. It is right next to me right now under a beautiful painting by my aunt (turns out my place is decorated pretty much just like my house was growing up). 

On August 30th, Claudia has a birthday! On September 11th, she's coming to Seattle to visit me. My goal, by then, is to weave her a heart. My version, of course, and on a Mirrix. I will take pictures and write as I weave, taking you through the process. 

Check back! 

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