Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Looming another Cell Phone Bag!

My methods of finishing the warps, worked out so well with my last bag, that I can't wait to dig into another! I am able to complete 26 rows, before I have to add a new length of weft thread, so it is a good time to share a picture!

This loomed cell phone bag is 67 Delica beads wide, with 68 warps across. I'm planning on completing 90 rows, but could go a bit further for a longer bag. A loomed bag sized at 67 beads wide by 90 beaded rows long is a perfect size for any phone, including a IPhone and Blackberry.

Notice I am using black thread for the warps. I am also using a black weft, in this particular piece, unlike any other looming where I use a white weft. Since all of the beads are opaque, I can use a black weft and not worry about it changing the bead colors.

Stay tuned for further completed rows, so you can see what the subject matter of this Loomed Cell Phone Bag will be! I'll also offer some other ideas and methods, as I go along, until this is completed!

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