Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sherri Woodard Coffey's End-Of-Blogging Survey

End of Blogging Survey:
How would you rate your overall Mirrix experience?  Once I finally warped, I enjoyed the loom--its sturdiness and portability are real pluses.
What did you like best about it? Whoops! See above
What (if any) faults did you find in it? Warping was my big bête noire.
What would you change about "Social Market for a Mirrix" for next time? My problem was that I felt like I should be writing about Mirrix every post, but there's just not much one can say while in the middle of a slow project--had to branch out to other ideas
Did you find the criteria for "Social Market for a Mirrix" to be too stringent? No
What was your favorite piece created on the Mirrix? I don’t have a favorite yet.
What is your favorite thing about the Mirrix? The shedding, sturdiness, portability
What is your least favorite thing about the Mirrix? Warping...but it should get better with practice, practice, practice
What plans do you have for weaving on your Mirrix in the future? I still have ideas that will work best in this smaller format that I hope to complete in the next year. Time is the issue!

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